CHALLENGE SUMMARY: Leadership Capacity

The leadership capacity challenge is felt most acutely by those founders not associated with an incubator or support system. Whether they are grappling with their own leadership development or recruiting their key senior hires into the business, this challenge has a few different interpretations.

Leadership through a scale-up lens

  1. “I can’t find peer-to-peer support networks that reflect my business interests and needs; I want to learn from my peers.”
  2. “It is hard to find relevant, quality leadership training appropriate for scale-up leaders”
  3. “Recruiting senior people into my business has been the number 1 challenge”
  4. “People tell me I need to engage Non Exec Directors (NEDs) for my business” The last of these four challenges has also been raised by support providers and incubator leaders across the region.

What has happened this year?

The Scale-up Enabler hosted a roundtable with Thangham Debbonaire MP and 8 low-carbon businesses to explore their collective challenges. She later hosted a ‘Workunch’ (workshop and lunch) to explore and capture the leadership capacity challenges and published insights from the session to inform and prompt others into action. This work has precipitated the development of two entrepreneur-led scale-up leadership projects designed to offer peer-to-peer support. The list of scale-up programmes and separate list of leadership support options that the Scale-up Enabler prepared have been very popular content with the community. The scale-up briefing event led by Uday Phadke was also a highlight in the scale-up calendar.

What next?

The Scale-up Enabler hopes to pilot a network of Chief Finance Officers – bringing together this often-disparate community to share and support one another. There is certainly more work to be done in creating and optimising peer-to-peer networks whether led by organisations or experienced entrepreneurs.