EVENT NEWS: Scale up Briefing series

We don't have any events scheduled at the moment. If you would like to be involved in a future event - as a sponsor, or a speaker, please get in contact with Briony who's details are at the bottom of the page.

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Past events

* Mergers and Acquisitions - the inside story: 31st January 2019 This event will share expertise, stories and experiences around the theme of mergers and acquisitions - uniquely bringing to the stage both stories of success (and failure) and specialist advice from regional experts. Read more about the event: https://engine-shed.co.uk/news/mergers-and-acquisitions/

* Keeping people happy: November 15th 2018 Culture and employee satisfaction are two key challenges for scale up founders. This event will invite founders to share their tips and tricks for success, and a panel of experts to explain how they can help founders succeed. Read more about the event: https://www.scaleupgenerator.co.uk/articles/keeping-people-happy

* Scale up: from rhetoric to reality: March 2018 Dr Uday Phadke shared his expertise related to 'The dynamics of the Scale-up Journey and the key Vectors which impact the trajectory, pace and likely success of Scale-up.' We heard reflections on growth from Alastair Pettigrew from BOXARR.

* Raising £1M or more: January 2018 At this event we sought answers to some key questions: Where can aspiring scale-ups find funding in the region of £1M +? What does best practice look like in this domain? What needs to change in the West of England to make raising investment easier in the future? How can we foster more altruism/philanthropic behaviour from our community of successful scale-up entrepreneurs (investment/mentoring)? Read more about what happened: https://www.scaleupgenerator.co.uk/articles/raising-1m-and-more

* Room for Growth: November 2017 At this event we discussed the challenge of finding suitable 'grow-on' space as a scale-up business and explored aspects of affordability, availability and suitability as experienced by founders in the West of England.

* Scale up Pow Wow: November 2017 At this event we considered a few key questions: What does a good scale-up ecosystem look like? Why are scale-ups suddenly in vogue? What challenges do scale-up businesses face here? And what does the West of England Scale-up ecosystem look like? And we spent time exploring initiatives that respond to the challenges that scale-up businesses face and working out how we can support them, or create our own.

If you are looking for information on our Quarterly Investment Briefing series (to help the investor community share, learn and network) please click here.

Briony Phillips Associate Director and Scale up Enabler Engine Shed Briony.phillips@engine-shed.co.uk