Scaleup Generator launches new newsletter: Scaleup News

In August 2019, the Scaleup Generator introduced a new, regular newsletter to share opportunities, information and insights for the scaleup community. These newsletters will be published c. eight times each year and will be organised into five sections:

  • How to get involved - specific calls to action from key partner organisations
  • 'Be there or be square' - events that are relevant to the scaleup community
  • 'Money money money' - the latest information related to investment activity in the region
  • 'Plug in, tune out' - a sample of interesting podcasts
  • Today a reader, tomorrow a leader' - a few choice articles or blogs of interest to scaling companies

If you would like to sign up for the newsletter, there's a short typeform to complete

If you have content that you would like me to include, please send it over. I plan to share a newsletter every couple of months or so (unless there's a reason for a special extra one). My email is

Read the first edition here: