Scaleup supper club - a network of networks

Last night I felt very lucky to be invited by one of Bristol’s biggest friends and champions, Oli Barrett, to a special dinner for some unsung heroes of the scaleup community, a network of networks if you will. We gathered at a fabulous place little known to me - the Home Grown club in Marylebone for drinks and a dinner that was expertly hosted by Oli in his classically relaxed, fun and thoughtful manner.

Whilst the content of the dinner discussion shall remain firmly between those four (fabulously glamorous) walls, I thought it would be useful to share some of the organisations represented and mentioned there. After all, these are the programmes and opportunities that provide powerful support for fast-growth companies across the UK and that the scaling companies in Bristol and Bath should be aware of:

> Centre for Entrepreneurs

Supports the entrepreneurial doers and makers who change lives and grow Britain

> EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women

Identifies ambitious women entrepreneurs and provides them with the advice, resources and access they need to unlock their full potential.

> EY Entrepreneur of the Year

Celebrates, supports and connects entrepreneurs, helping them expand their network, promote their brand, re-evaluate their strategy, gain insight and be inspired.

> E2Exchange

Founded in 2011, E2E is a trusted entrepreneurial community which has just one objective: to unlock the full potential of ambitious entrepreneurial businesses by enabling extraordinary connectivity.

> Founders for Schools

Award-winning charity that connects educators with a network of inspirational business leaders, to improve the employment chances of young people

> Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses

An investment to help entrepreneurs create jobs and economic opportunity by providing greater access to education and business support services. The programme has reached businesses from across the UK and has resulted in immediate and sustained business growth for the alumni of the programme.

> Great British Entrepreneurs

Great British Entrepreneurs is a portfolio of products, events and initiatives designed to support entrepreneurs and their ventures. It brings together an engaged and connected eco-system of entrepreneurs, their mentors and supporters and works with a growing number of supportive partners, to create content that packs a punch via publications, awards, festivals and conferences and research. (don’t miss their annual awards!)

> London and Partners International Business Programmes

Supports overseas companies to set up in London, empowers businesses to scale across the capital and enables London-based organisations to expand internationally.

> NEF Fast Track

An intensive 12-month experience that puts the practical application of new skills and knowledge at its core. Participants experience work placement, learning programme, business mentors, coaching -

> Scaleup Institute

A private sector, not-for-profit company focused on making the UK the best place in the world to scale up a business. A great source of data on scaling companies and recommendations for programmes of support for your scaling company

> Vistage

Amembership organisation which gives members access to a vast range of experience, insights and wisdom from respected business leaders so that they can make better decisions — and get better results.

> Workfinder

Connects young people with companies in just a few taps, their mission is to inspire the next generation and create a pipeline of talent to drive the UK’s most ambitious growth companies. They believe work experience is at the heart of this – regular contact between business and students is crucial.

And the unexpected highlight as I left the venue - not the extra petits fours I had stashed in my pocket but a shared smile on the stairs with a B List celebrity as I made a dash for the 10pm train back to Bristol. If you’re looking for a home away from home in London and need space to sleep, meet or host events, Home Grown club (a private members’ club for high-growth entrepreneurs) certainly comes highly recommended by me:

For more scaleup focused programmes, check out the 194 recommendations provided by the Scaleup Institute: