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In the original Scale up Institute definition, infrastructure takes into account challenges that are both digital and physical. In the West of England, we suffer with an acute shortage of suitable, affordable and available office space so this has become the focus for this work.

Scale-up Challenges: Finding room to grow

This article provides a snapshot of a conversation that has been going on in pockets across the region for at least 18 months including the nature of the problem, some of the solutions that exist and some ideas for the future.

Scale-up Office Space – an open letter Blog

Business West have invited founders of tech businesses who are experiencing challenges securing office space to sign an open letter which invites the public sector to make an intervention.

Top tips for office relocation

Whether you’re moving from your home office to a co-working space or from a 6-person to a 20-person office (or bigger), the process is significantly different to finding a new home. With over 600 fast-growth companies in the West of England, and an even greater number of start-up businesses hot on their heels, I’ve asked some local experts for their ‘top tips’ for office relocation

Nearly 800,000sqft of new office space coming to Bristol + Bath

In my role as Scaleup Enabler for the West of England, one of my pet topics has been office space availability, affordability and suitability for fast growth companies. When I first started exploring the barriers to growth in the region in June 2017, office space was the most mentioned challenge. Approximately 90% of the people that I spoke to – whether individual founders/business leaders or managers of co-working and grow on space would explain that the lack of space was negatively impacting growth, compounded no doubt by other barriers such as availability of suitable staff and of access to investment.