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CHALLENGE SUMMARY: Leadership Capacity

The leadership capacity challenge is felt most acutely by those founders not associated with an incubator or support system. Whether they are grappling with their own leadership development or recruiting their key senior hires into the business, this challenge has a few different interpretations which are explored here.

Exploring scale up Leadership Challenges

‘Leadership capacity’ is mentioned by many scale-up founders that I speak to as an area of need – it’s also identified by the Scale-up Institute as the 3rd most significant challenge that businesses they survey face.

Scale up Challenges - finding founder support

Are you interested to find some peer to peer founder support? Read on to find out more about the various support organisations available in the West of England.


You’re an Entrepreneur who knows your business better than anyone; you understand your market, your customer and your business potential. You’re working harder than ever, managing ever changing scenarios, and often covering sales, contract negotiations, marketing, IT and HR to get everything done. It seems the more successful you are, the more there is to do. Sound familiar?

Finding Non Exec Director support – for CEOs and directors

One of the most significant and unrealised opportunities for the Scale up companies that I speak to is in fact one which is often not known to them: the potential positive impact of having a Non Executive Director involved in their business. This article explains the process of engaging a Non Exec Director and includes a number of resources and support services to help companies and individuals get ahead.