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Talent and Skills is often identified in the West of England as a significant challenge however, it has barely been mentioned in the scale-up interviews that have informed the scale-up project work.

Exploring scale up Leadership Challenges

‘Leadership capacity’ is mentioned by many scale-up founders that I speak to as an area of need – it’s also identified by the Scale-up Institute as the 3rd most significant challenge that businesses they survey face.

Scaleup Briefing - Keeping People Happy - what you missed and what next

On Thursday 15th November, Briony Phillips (Scale up Enabler for the West of England) hosted a Scale up Briefing at Engine Shed, Bristol to explore how ‘keeping people happy’ can be key to organisational growth. This blog provides an overview of what was discussed, shares a link to the slides and suggests some next steps if this is an area that interests you.

Finding great people: A 101 on Bristol and Bath University Internships

The challenge of finding great employees is one which is felt acutely by growing companies across the region. There are a fabulous range of organisations working hard to equip young people with the skills they need to join our workforce, whether vocational or academic, and some alternatives to the mainstream too. I have mapped some of the services and organisations that work in this area, and those facilitating recruitment on the Scaleup Support Map and I’m keen to add more.